BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Digital Devices in the Classroom (BYOD)

2020 is the beginning of a new era at Southland Girls’ High School using ICT tools to support the girls’ learning and enhance their ability to collaborate, communicate and create.

For all students in Years 8-13, having a device for learning in the classroom is compulsory.

For students in Years 8-10 we highly recommend Chromebooks, or some variation on this, because they are the most cost effective and durable for this age.  For students in Years 11-13 we recommend laptops.

There are some general guidelines for what the device should have.

  • Have a good battery life. Devices must be charged at home, overnight.
  • Have a keyboard. If your daughter uses an iPad, she will require a Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Be Internet accessible so that students can access their Microsoft 365 Portal/Google Apps for education.
  • Be covered by your insurance. The School will not be responsible for any loss or breakages.
  • Please note – a cell phone is NOT considered to be the most appropriate learning device going forward. Your daughter can bring in a device you already have if it meets the criteria above.

We particularly want to emphasise the importance of remembering that a device is a learning tool.  Students need to follow our 3 values of respect, responsibility and integrity in relation to device use in the school.

The school expects all students to need to be good people on devices, not to hurt, harm and upset others. 

Students are able to borrow a Chrome Book from the Library at 8:30 am each school day.

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