Enwood House


Students at Enwood House are encouraged to succeed. They become increasingly wise and independent young people with core values of respect, responsibility and integrity.

All students at Enwood House are accepted for their diversity of beliefs and opinions. They are encouraged to take responsibility for the care of themselves, others, the community and the environment.

Inherent in boarding house life is the value of long lasting friendships formed with tolerance and compassion.

Application for Enrolment
To apply for Enwood Boarding House, click on the link below:
Enrol Online
Important: All boarding applicants must also complete the school enrolment process, please click HERE for further information.
Staying at Enwood

The boarding house caters for up to 90 Year 7 to 13 students from all over the country, as well as international students.

Located only a block from the school, Enwood House is also convenient to Splash Palace (international sized swimming pool), Stadium Southland, and the Velodrome for netball, squash, basketball, volleyball and cycling, as well as the Southland Hockey Turf.

  • Full time, or Monday to Friday boarding
  • Short term stays
  • Supervised homework supported in a positive learning environment
  • 24 hour care including night staff on duty at all times
  • Easy access to health services
  • Tasty and nutritious meals designed for active students
  • Life skills programs
Boarders Handbook
2022 Schedule of Fees
Please click HERE to view the 2022 Schedule of Fees.
Short Term Stays

Boarding is also a great option for students whose families live outside the city or whose parents travel frequently.

If you are travelling overseas without your child or if someone in the family is unwell; or during exam time to avoid long commutes short term stays are welcomed.
The grounds are safe, private, quiet, and provide a warm and comfortable stay.

Head and Deputy Boarder
Head Boarder: Scarlett Hopcroft
Deputy Head Boarder: Mackenzie Syme
Mackenzie Syme & Scarlett Hopcroft

We provide a safe and caring environment for girls, while nurturing and encouraging them to meet their full potential as young women.

Our Staff
Jenni Dennis Director of Boarding
Deborah Anderson Deputy Director / Morning Matron
Trudi McMillan Personal Assistant to Director of Boarding
Wendy Stephens Afternoon Matron – Senior
Sue Robinson Afternoon Matron
Betty Smith Night Matron
Megan Hare Weekend Matron
Miriam Beebe Weekend Matron
Sheryl Briggs Weekend Matron
Jasmine Kubala Homework Supervisor
Jocelyn Aidova Homework Supervisor
Stephen McCann Chef
Michelle Bekhuis Baker
Elizabeth Maheno Kitchen Assistant
Jayne Davis Kitchen Assistant
Tracey Johnston Housekeeping – Monday to Friday
Heather Bryan Housekeeping – Tuesday to Friday
Ross Stevenson Boilerman / Caretaker
Ingrid Mitchell Educational Psychologist
Contact Details

Address: 15 Enwood Lane, Georgetown, Invercargill 9812, New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 216 9148
Mobile: 027 354 8023
Fax: +64 3 216 4952
Email: [email protected]

Contact details

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