Student Devices (BYOD)
Digital Devices in the Classroom

General BYOD Recommendations  

All Year 7 – 13 students will be expected to bring an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) device to use in their classes.  We are committed to using ICT tools to support the students learning and enhance their ability to collaborate, communicate and create.

There are some general guidelines/specifications for what the device should have.

Devices must:

  • Have good battery life.  Devices must be charged at home, overnight.
  • Have a keyboard.  If your child uses an iPad, they will require a Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Be Internet accessible so that students can access their Microsoft 365 Portal/Google Apps for education.
  • Be covered by your insurance.  The School will not be responsible for any loss or breakages.
  • Please note – a Cell Phone will NOT be considered the most appropriate learning device going forward.  Your child can bring in a device you already have if it meets the criteria above.

For Year 7-10 we highly recommend Chromebooks, or some variation on this, because they are the most cost effective and durable for this age. 

For Years 11-13 we recommend laptops are preferable with 240GB Hard Drive/SSD and 8 GB RAM

Subject Specific Specifications

However, for some Art based Year 9 and 10 Learning Packages, a Chrome book isn’t the best option. A laptop is preferable.  

Such options include:

  • 9/10 Digi Image (DME)
  • 9/10 Innovation and Invention (INI)

Laptops for these subjects need to have 8GB RAM and a minimum of 240GB hard disk/SSD.

For all Senior Art packages Levels 1-3, Laptops need additional specifications above and beyond the general requirements. These include 240GB hard disk/SSD and 12 GB RAM.

We have also been informed that Apple is making major changes to the MacBook which may affect current MacBooks in terms of their lifespan for support in certain areas in the future. We don’t as yet have the details as to what areas.

We also understand that new model MacBooks might function more like an iPad system which can make updating in the future more problematic. The advice we have received is for students to have a Windows device.

We know providing a device is not always easy for every family so as a School, we will continue to provide some ‘loaners’ for daily use.  These are Chromebooks which students can borrow from the Library at the start of the day, to be returned at the end of the day.

Cellphone Policy
  1. All Cell Phones are to be switched off and in bags at all times, in all classes, and in all learning situations. There may be exceptions under teacher direction e.g. filming in English to create visual text-note from teacher required if out of room in this instance.
  2. Head phones that are necessary for learning purposes should be connected to chrome books, laptops etc, not cell phones.
  3. Activities unrelated to the learning context e.g. accessing social media and listening to music on any device are not acceptable.
  4. If a student’s cell phone is not turned off and in their bag, then the teacher present will require the student to take the phone to Student Services where it may be collected at the end of the day by the student.

Cellphone Guidelines can be found on page 8 in the ‘Whānau Hononga Booklet 2022’ by clicking HERE.

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