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Year 7 and 8 Learning Programme

“Teaching and Learning within Years 7 and 8 at Southland Girls’ High School equips ākonga with the skills and knowledge to be lifelong learners in an ever-evolving world.”

An Innovative Curriculum

Our innovative curriculum is delivered as Learning Packages. These learning packages draw threads and interweave the learning from a variety of curriculum areas, including English, The Arts, Technology, Social Sciences, Science, Physical Education, Health, and Languages.

Learning Packages involve cross-curricula teaching linking homeroom and specialist teaching through meaningful and relevant learning experiences.

Our Year 7 and 8 Maths programme has been designed by ākonga in relevant and engaging contexts. Students are encouraged to be practical risk takers and have a growth mindset around their learning in this curriculum area. Our students are provided with a vast range of opportunities to support and extend their learning.

A key feature is that we are part of a Year 7-13 school, so our learning occurs in an inclusive environment where students feel a sense of belonging and self-identity which contributes to their success.

In Years 7 and 8, we provide a programme of learning in which students needs, interests and abilities are catered for. They are given a range of opportunities to challenge their learning both inside and outside the classroom while striving for personal excellence. Our student-centred curriculum includes:

  • Teaching and Learning as Inquiry
  • Literacy and Numeracy – embedded in all curriculum areas
  • Personalised Learning Goals and Pathways

inSiGHtS is a Learning Package that has been specifically designed for Year 7 and 8 ākonga, where they chose to challenge themselves both with their learning and their growth mindset.

Each term a new concept is introduced and students that have a passion or interest in this area are invited to apply to be part of inSiGHtS. 

If you would like to learn more about this Learning Package there will be information made available at the beginning of each Term.


All Learning Packages in Years 7 and 8 encourage students to use their learning to become better citizens and to create a positive community. Throughout the year our students take part in ‘Community Breakouts’. This is where they head out into the community to build their skills, knowledge, and confidence and help make positive changes and contributions.

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Come and see all that Southland Girls’ High School offers students with a school tour that allows you to see our facilities in action, while meeting the staff and the students.

Student tour guides will answer questions and offer a student’s perspective, before meeting with a senior member of staff to discuss your child’s enrolment.

To book in for a tour of the school, please email Deb Hay, [email protected] or telephone 03 211 6030.

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Come and see all that Southland Girls’ High School offers boarders with a tour of Enwood House that allows you to see our facilities in action, while meeting the staff and the students.

To book in for a tour of the boarding house, please email Jenni Dennis, [email protected]landgirls.school.nz or telephone 03 211 6030.

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