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Year 7 and 8 Learning Programme
An Innovative Curriculum

Our innovative curriculum is delivered as Learning Packages. The packages incorporate the learning from the traditional subjects such as The Arts, Technology, Social Sciences, Science, Physical Education and Languages.

Learning Packages involve cross curricula teaching linking homeroom and specialist teaching through meaningful and relevant learning experiences.

At Year 7 Citizenship is a theme that is woven through the learning and Community at Year 8.

Our aim is to develop life-long learners who are creative and critical thinkers.

Girls will have the strategies to solve real life problems and be responsible risk takers. A key feature is that we are part of a Year 7-13 school, so our learning occurs in an inclusive environment where girls feel a sense of belonging and self identity which contributes to their success.

In Year 7 and 8, we provide a programme of learning based around 6 key concepts with the aim of students developing a deep understanding about key ideas while striving for personal excellence.

  • Inquiry approach
  • Real Life contexts
  • Real Life problems
  • Open ended problems
  • Based on students’ interests, needs and abilities
  • Personal Learning Goals and Pathways
Habits of Mind

Habits of Mind have a fortnightly focus and the students use these “Habits of Mind” to help them with their goals. Introducing the students to the idea that certain ways of thinking or approaching tasks can be more effective than others help them to recognise how they can use these habits effectively to reach their own personal goals.

Habits of Mind are also an important component of each Learning Package and the students learn to identify how and why certain individuals have used these habits to help them achieve success.

Inquiry Process

The Inquiry process is used to deliver our Learning Packages. The Inquiry process encourages the students to become independent learners in a challenging learning environment.

Community/ Citizenship

All Learning Packages in Year 7 and 8 encourage girls to use their learning to become better citizens and to create a positive community. Throughout the year our girls take part in ‘Community Breakouts’. This is where they head out into the community to build their skills, knowledge, confidence and help make positive change and contributions. Activities the girls are involved in are tree planting at Bushy Point, Self Defence, cycling at the Velodrome, Outreach Singing, and visiting the Council Chambers just to name a few.

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Student tour guides will answer questions and offer a student’s perspective, before meeting with a senior member of staff to discuss your child’s enrolment.

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Come and see all that Southland Girls’ High School offers boarders with a tour of Enwood House that allows you to see our facilities in action, while meeting the staff and the students.

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