Fees and Financial Information
Student Utility Fees ($125)

This compulsory fee covers the actual costs incurred by individual students throughout the year including:

Non-Ministry funded facilities, generational badges, school magazine, school vans, postage, ENS Attendance Alerts, library computers, library books, lunchtime recreational activities and equipment, whole school activities such as the school Athletics Day and Colour Run, medical supplies, additional personal photocopying and annual photos of whole school groups for the school archives.

Payments can be made directly to the school bank account or at Student Services which is open from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm each school day. Things to note:

  • Your annual Donation / Utility fee / PTA can be made as a one-off payment or via instalment plan (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) through your own Internet Banking. Please include your child’s name (surname AND first initial and the reference Utility Fee 2022)
  • Parents and whānau are able to claim a 1/3 of your donation or partial donation as a tax credit at any time of the year, or for any of the previous 4 years (after 1 April 2016). SGHS IRD number is 049 634 455.

If you have any questions please contact our Debtors Manager, Kirsten Turner: [email protected]

Your child benefits from the contributions of current parents and those of previous parents.  Each generation ‘Pays it Forward’ to support the high standard of teaching and facilities that benefit each student.
We invite you to join us in continuing to create a culture and a school where each student can thrive.

School Donation ($75)

Our parents can help provide a quality education for our students through giving a voluntary contribution. This donation is used to give your child an extensive  range of opportunities beyond what is funded by the Government. We know this makes a real and lasting difference to a student’s success. The donation goes toward funding the following items at SGHS:

  • Resources to support student’s learning such as technology equipment for specialist subjects like Robotics, Digital Technology, Music and the Performing Arts.
  • Subsidising school field trips within our wider community. These trips provide an important link between the classroom and learning in the real world. Students have the opportunity to explore future career pathways in a practical environment.
PTA Donation ($30)

Our Parent’s Association each year contribute much in the way of resources to the school each year. In 2021, we were fortunate to receive over $20,000.00 from the PTA which included the gifting of ten large TV’s to replace our aging Interactive Whiteboards.

The Parent’s Association is always looking for parents and whanau to join their group who give so generously of their time to the school. However, if you are unable to donate your time then the donation of $30.00 is a wonderful alternative to support the PTA and the work they do.

Payment Information

Board financial procedure requires payment in full, by the due date for your child to purchase resources, participate in sports or attend trips/events.

  • Payments received will be allocated to the oldest unpaid fees and charges owing on your child’s account first.
  • Extra-curricular activities operate on a “pay before you play” policy.

To view the current balance on your school account, you can log onto your Parent Portal and check this.
Click HERE to log onto the Parent Portal.  If you do not know your login details please contact Student Services, 03 211 6030.

Payment Options available:

  • Online, Direct Credit, Instalments
  • Eftpos (available at Student Services)
  • Cash

Account Name: Southland Girls’ High School
Account Number: 12-3434-0028928-001

To correctly identify you and your payment, please enter:

  • Particulars: Payment detail eg. trip name, resource purchased
  • Code: Student’s AT class
  • Reference: Student’s last name
Annual Accounts

Southland Girls’ High School Annual Report & Financial Statements:

Annual Accounts 2021

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Book a School Tour

Come and see all that Southland Girls’ High School offers students with a school tour that allows you to see our facilities in action, while meeting the staff and the students.

Student tour guides will answer questions and offer a student’s perspective, before meeting with a senior member of staff to discuss your child’s enrolment.

To book in for a tour of the school, please email Deb Hay, [email protected] or telephone 03 211 6030.

Book a Tour of Enwood House

Come and see all that Southland Girls’ High School offers boarders with a tour of Enwood House that allows you to see our facilities in action, while meeting the staff and the students.

To book in for a tour of the boarding house, please email Jenni Dennis, [email protected] or telephone 03 211 6030.

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