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SGHS Evidence Setting Exams 2023

SGHS Evidence Setting Exams

Wednesday 6 September – Tuesday 12 September 2023

Evidence Examinations will be occurring at SGHS. It is essential that all students sit these Evidence Exams as they provide vital data on student achievement and progress. If we were to have an unexpected event during the NZQA exams in November these are the grades that your child’s results will be based upon. Thus, making the evidence gathered in these school exams essential for establishing grades for our students.

If your child is unwell during the Evidence Exam time and cannot attend please contact Lee Pirini; (Assistant Principal in charge of Assessment) to work out the next steps.  lee.pirini@southlandgirls.school.nz

Cambridge Practice Exams:

Cambridge Practice Exams (morning exams start at 8.50 am; afternoon exams start at 1 pm), students will attend normal classes when not sitting an examination.

Students should meet in the POT 10 minutes prior to the start of the their exam, i.e. by 8.40am in the morning and by 12.50pm at lunchtime.

  • Monday 4 September 8.50 AM Cambridge Science 
  • Tuesday 5 September 8.50 AM Cambridge Maths – structured answer 
  • Monday 11 September 8.50 AM Cambridge English – writing 
  • Wednesday 13 September 8.50 AM Global Perspectives 
  • Wednesday 13 September 12.50 PM Cambridge English – reading 
  • Thursday 14 September 8.50 AM Cambridge Maths – short answer 

Exam materials 

Students are responsible for taking the correct equipment to the exam and making sure that it is working. 

Bring equipment into the exam room in a clear plastic bag.   Students can bring: 

  • pens (black and blue colours are permitted) pencils and an eraser.   
  • check instructions on exam book on whether pencil can be used. 
  • an approved calculator for subjects where a calculator has been used during the year. 

 Students cannot bring into the exam room: 

  • Watches of any kind. 
  • Cell phones. 
  • Erasable Ink Pens. 
  • Paper of any kind.
  • Please leave all valuables at home (this includes cell phones) or they may be handed in to student services (at your own risk) in a named plastic bag prior to meeting in POT. 

NCEA Evidence Exams (Year 11, 12 and 13):
Wednesday 6 September – Tuesday 12 September.

  • Morning exams start at 8.50 am / Afternoon exams start at 1 pm.
  • Senior students in Years 11/12/13, have study leave during this time and are only required to be at school for their scheduled examinations.
  • The library will be available for Seniors to study in.
  • A copy of the exam timetable is available on our website. Click HERE to view.

For ALL examinations:

Students are too be at school at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the exam.

By 8.30 am for morning exams, and 12.40 pm for afternoon exams. Students should be in the following places:

  • The Common Room (NCEA Evidence Setting Exam students)
  • If you have special assessment conditions, please meet outside Mrs Browning’s office. Bring your own laptop if you have indicated you are going to use a computer.

Exam materials:

Students are responsible for taking the correct equipment to the exam and making sure that it is working.

Students can bring:

  • Pens (black and blue colours are permitted) pencils and an eraser
  • An approved calculator for subjects where a calculator has been used during the year.
  • A fully charged laptop for Digital Exams e.g Te Reo Māori Level 1 and English Level 1
  • All equipment is to be placed in a clear plastic bag.

Emergency evacuation and student pack (if this was to occur)

As a precaution, students are allowed to bring items for an emergency evacuation into the examination room in a clear, sealable plastic bag. This pack must stay under the chair and not be touched or opened without the permission of the supervisor.
Contents could include a mobile phone (switched off) or other electronic device, keys, money, bus pass and medicines.

All students are expected at school Monday 4 September and Tuesday 5 September. Study leave for seniors does not start until Wednesday 6 September.

Students are not allowed to wear a watch of any kind in the exam room. 

Exams finish on Tuesday 12 September for Seniors, so they are all expected in their timetabled classes from Wednesday  13 September. 

Students are advised not to bring valuables to school, while they may leave their bags in the common room during the exam this is not locked nor manned.  DO NOT leave valuables in the common room.  Cell phones can be switched off and in the emergency evacuation pack or left a student services (at the students’ own risk). 

Contact details

Book a Tour of Enwood House

Come and see all that Southland Girls’ High School offers boarders with a tour of Enwood House that allows you to see our facilities in action, while meeting the staff and the students.

To book in for a tour of the boarding house, please email Jenni Dennis, jenni.dennis@southlandgirls.school.nz or telephone 03 211 6030.

RISKS Disclosure

This event contains risks, including possible injuries. This event is managed by school staff or other organisations who will manage risk and hazards according to the school’s/organisation’s safety management plan. This includes careful consideration of all procedures while carrrying out the activites. While risks can be maintained to acceptable levels they cannot be totally eliminated. Some risk is retained for its learning and experiential value.

If you wish to come in to school to see our safety management systems or have any questions please phone 03 211 6030.


I understand that playing sport is an opportunity for me to learn, practice skills, and gain attitudes and values in an environment outside of the school.  I realise that this requires me to take on genuine responsibility for my own enjoyment and safety and that of others.

I agree to do the following to make this happen:

  • Show courtesy and consideration to others.
  • Follow the rules and instructions of staff and other supervisors at the events.
  • Look after myself and my personal belongings.
  • Declare medical conditions that could affect participation in the events.
  • Accept the rules set by the school for the events.

I understand that my parents / caregivers will be contacted and I may be sent home at their expense if:

  • My actions are considered unacceptable by staff / supervisors of these events.
  • I breach the behaviour / discipline standards of the school.
  • My actions put me or others in any danger.

Book a School Tour

Come and see all that Southland Girls’ High School offers students with a school tour that allows you to see our facilities in action, while meeting the staff and the students.

Student tour guides will answer questions and offer a student’s perspective, before meeting with a senior member of staff to discuss your child’s enrolment.

To book in for a tour of the school, please email Nicola Macpherson on  nicola.macpherson@southlandgirls.school.nz or telephone 03 211 6030.

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