Southland Girls’ High School offers a wide range of courses catering for the individual needs of all students. Students in Years 9 – 11 learn the following as part of the curriculum:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics

After consultation with teachers and parents, students in Year 9 and up will be placed into the level of study that is deemed appropriate for their ability. in consultation with parents and teachers.

Students in Year 10 also have the option to choose the Cambridge IGCSE course level of study designed to challenge and grow a student’s ability and knowledge. There is an expectation that students who complete this year long course also sit the formal exam at the end of the year.

At Year 11 there are 3 courses of Level 1 NCEA Mathematics to choose from to suit a range of learning needs.

At Year 12, we offer two Level 2 NCEA Mathematics courses and a Level 2 NCEA Financial Literacy course option for students, depending on their intended career path.

At Year 13, there are 3 NCEA Level 3 courses to choose from – Statistics, Mathematics and Calculus.

The department encourages students to participate in Mathematics competitions, activities and extension work. We offer and support students to participate in SMAC Maths, ICAS and Australian Maths Competitions.
Students are able to access support in a number of ways – student support personnel, peer tutoring, a “homework club” where a mathematics teacher is available at lunchtimes, and tutorials are also available for senior students.

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