Curriculum and Learning
Physical Education (PE)

Our Physical Education and Health Curriculum explores Communication, Fitness, Motor Skill Learning, and aspects of Hauora (well-being) in a largely practical environment.

We aim to motivate students to become lifelong guardians of their personal well-being and to positively interact with others and society.

Year 9PPE/Health

A varied programme which involves sports/fitness and physical activities designed to promote motor skill learning, teamwork, problem solving and independence. In Health we explore a range of topics including Pubertal Change, Nutrition, Alcohol and legal Drugs and Keeping Ourselves Safe. Compulsory for all students over two semesters.

Year 10 PE/Health

A one semester course which builds upon the foundations laid in Year 9. Compulsory for all students over one semester.

Year 9PPE

Designed to extend students who have a passion for this subject area. A mix of theory which explores Functional Anatomy and Training Methods and Principles. And practical sessions which have a greater emphasis on achieving fitness goals. An optional course over one semester.

Year 10 Well-Being

An optional course over one semester for students with an interest and passion for their personal well-being. This course allows for some co-construction but will include some regular Yoga, Weights Based Exercise, Outdoor Education, a look at some healthy ethnic foods and the planning cooking and consumption of said foods.

Level 1/2/3 Physical Education

Each is a year long course offering a range of credits to students which build their NCEA Qualification. Courses have a mix of practical and theory topics with learning including Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics, Performance Analysis, Teamwork, Fitness and Training Principles, Risk Management, Leadership, Outdoor Education and Skill Learning among others.

Level 2 Health

A year course where students develop their knowledge around Heath issues and Health promotion.   Students learn to understand the factors influencing Health and Hauroa (Well-being) and strategies to overcome issues such as managing change and building resiliency, upholding social justice for gender and sexuality, and being able to take action to promote an aspect of school well-being.

Outdoor Education

Currently PE staff play a leading role in many of our Year Level camps. Open to all students a variety of locations and challenges are offered to students over their time at SGHS.

House Athletics Sports Day

Held early in the year to kickstart House Spirit and Competition for the year to come. All students compete for their House over a selection of Core Athletic Events on the SGHS sports fields.

Nga Whare Kara (House Colour Run)

Another now traditional House Event which promotes Physical Activity and House Competition. This has incorporated our cross country run/walk with a colour run which sees our Senior students distributing coloured powder over the participants to add a touch of fun as well as a splash of vibrance.

Circuit Training

In the Gym on a Thursday morning at 7 am our dedicated fitness devotees meet up for an hour of exercise and great music. A varied programme which includes circuits, boot camp, Yoga, and calisthenics.

Extra Curricular

All PE Staff have an involvement in the school’s Extra Curricular activity programme. These reflect their personal strengths and passions.

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