Performing Arts education explores, challenges, affirms, and celebrates unique artistic expressions of self, community, and culture.  It embraces toi Maori, valuing the forms and practices of customary and contemporary Maori performing arts.

Learning in, through, and about the arts stimulates creative action and response by engaging and connecting thinking, imagination, senses, and feelings.  By participating in the arts, students' personal wellbeing is enhanced.  As students express and interpret ideas within creative, aesthetic, and technological frameworks, their confidence to take risks is increased.  Specialist studies enable students to contribute their vision, abilities, and energies to arts initiatives and creative industries.

In the Performing Arts, students learn to work both independently and collaboratively to construct meanings, produce works, and respond to and value others' contributions.  They learn to use imagination to engage with unexpected outcomes and to explore multiple solutions.

Performing Arts education values students' experiences and builds on these with increasing sophistication and complexity as their knowledge and skills develop.  Through the use of creative and intuitive thought and action, learners in the arts are able to view their world from new perspectives.  Through the development of arts literacies, students, as creators, presenters, viewers, and listeners, are able to participate in, interpret, value, and enjoy the Performing Arts throughout their lives.

Year 8 Performance

This one semester course revisits and extends students' skills in Dance and other areas of the Performing Arts. The course incorporates both theory and practical and performance components.

Performance is expressing with intent, purpose and form. In Performance, we transform, communicate, and interpret ideas, feelings and experiences. Performance develops creative potential through physical, nonverbal expression.

Performance at SGHS enables students to participate in a programme that covers:

  • Dance and its diverse choreographic styles and varying cultures, giving the students the opportunity to learn set choreographic pieces as well as working creatively on their own group compositions.
  • Drama to develop knowledge of the theatre, building a role and developing self-esteem.
  • Music as a form of expression and communication.

It fosters teamwork, co-ordination, listening skills, clarity of movement, use of performing arts language, awareness of the students own capabilities, creativity and confidence in performing in front of others.

Years 9 and 10 Perform Like There Is No One Watching

This is a full year course. The maximum number in the class will be twenty.

To be involved in this Performance class students must AUDITION. Auditions will be held on the weekend of the 6th and 7th of November 2010. Interest in auditioning will be expressed in writing to Miss Rae no later than Friday, 22 October 2010.  

Please include in your letter what your area of strength is, your experience to date and what you wish to gain from this class.

For the audition students will prepare a performance piece in their discipline of strength, i.e. Drama, Dance or Music. For some students it may mean preparing more than one piece if they have more than one area of strength. They will also be asked to go through some basic exercises to show versatility as a performer.

The aim of this course is to extend students in their area of strength as well as to bring the other disciplines on to a more even standing. Students will be expected to work as a member of a group as well as having one-on-one tuition in their chosen area. Outside agencies will be visited and brought into school to help meet the needs of the members of the class. This group will perform in the community and be the cultural face of S.G.H.S.

The programme will be supported by research and theory in the three disciplines and links with the requirements for NCEA Level 1.

Senior Performing Arts 201

All students interested in this course are required to have an interview with the Performing Arts Head of Faculty, and should have strength in more than one of the Performing Arts.

Students perform a musical in Semester 1, and in Semester 2 discover talents of choreography, analysis and performance techniques and technologies.  Students in this class also have the opportunity to sit external examinations from their area of expertise (Dance, Drama or Music) to gain further credits.

Theatre Technology 101

This is a full year course covering a wide range of aspects that support theatrical performances, such as sound, lighting, stagecraft, costuming, makeup and production roles.  Students have the opportunity to utilise these skills in a variety of contexts, such as School Productions, Performance 201, and Drama 101, 201 and 301 presentations.

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