Student Leadership


2020 School Leaders

Head Prefect

Emilia Dermody

Deputy Head Prefect

Breea Scully


Kayla Boniface, Nadege Horwood, Claudia Smith, Pippa O’Connell, Diksha Prasad, Lexiarna Russell, Destiny Schmidt, Joey Sheppard, Sarah Stewart, Hannah Sutton and Isobel Thompson. Enwood Representatives: Georgia McKenzie (Head Boarder) and Emma Smith (Deputy Head Boarder)

2020 School Captains

Libby Haywood, Xanthe Belesky, Katie Cameron, Pearl Bir, Emma Jones, Shauna McLean, Jessica Steininger, Annalise Mackie, Philippa Stratford, Shelby Bryan, Abby Stirling, Jessica Smith, Loren Lee, Annelise McKenzie, Mackensie Middlemiss, Sophia Witham, Kate Hopcroft, Shakira Mirfin, Emily Purdue, Holly McNaught, Renee Zwagerman, Bella Marshall

2020 House Captains

  • Batten: Kristi Kerr and Rhea Mulholland
  • Gordon: Ryah Tui and Courtney Cox
  • Mansfield: Dayna Hughes and Grace Jennings
  • McStay: Olivia Gray and Lanney Dickson
  • Traill: Ruby Dempster and Alice Cade
  • Williams: Molly Collett and Alexa Todd

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