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Academic excellence since 1879.

Southland Girls' High School is a school with a long and proud history of academic excellence since 1879.

The roll is 1200 students and usually between 25-28 international girls are enrolled each year.This small number of international students gives them the chance to fully integrate into the school and community.

All international students are offered special English classes as well as studying in other subjects.  Learning is tailored to each student and a high standard of achievement and personal conduct is expected.

The School arranges either School Hostel or Homestay accommodation.  Our caring international  staff look after the students throughout their time studying here.

Christy & Mrs Pickering

Mission Statement

"A Quality Learning Community where Relationships Count and excellence is expected."

Reasons to study at Southland Girls' High

Southland Girls' High girls are successful young women who enjoy and value all the advantages that our unique environment provides.

We have high expectations  of our students and have contact with our international girls  each day at school as they use our international office facilities including equipment to heat their lunches.  We keep in close contact with their parents / agents and find that many visit their girls here in Invercargill during the year.

Gab with Family at Home


Our school is located centrally in the City of Invercargill with convenient  access  to public transport.

Excellent facilities and shops are within walking distance and girls can take full advantage of city resources.

Invercargill is a city of just over 53,000 people, it is recognized as a friendly and safe environment for our international girls.

Find out about our City at www.invercargill.org.nz and our beautiful province of Southland at www.southlandnz.com

Excellent Academic Programme

Our well-established programme provides specialist tuition in English (ESOL, IELTS).  Cambridge Exams are also offered at Year 10.  For the rest of the school day our girls are integrated into school classes where they are prepared for National Certificate of Educational Achievement at all levels.

Our international students achieve impressive results in national examinations and top rankings in the school.  Over the last few years, three international students have been Dux of our school.

Girls are encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of school life and develop their talents in all areas.

Facilities at Southland Girls' High School

The school is extremely well equipped with modern classrooms, including a cyber café.   Girls have free access to the Internet and computers.  The school also boasts an international sized Gymnasium,  dance suite, science rooms and labs, home economics rooms and a Piazza.  All the rooms in our East Wing Block have been freshly redecorated in bright modern colours.  The school is set in landscaped grounds and is only five minutes from the airport.

Contributing to the School Community

Girls are encouraged to look beyond the school, to the rest of New Zealand, and to the Global Community.  Our Global Citizenship Committee is a newly formed group of Senior Girls who are very active in promoting cultural awareness in our School.  They have held a lunch with our international girls, promoted various cultures during Languages Week, spoken at Assemblies and organised cultural activities within our school.

What ERO (Education Review Office) says about the SGHS International Programme


Southland Girls’ High School is a well-established Year 7 to 13 school. Approximately 9% of the students board. Since the 2009 ERO review there have been significant and positive developments in school culture. This has created a school-wide approach of increasing attention to, and support for, the achievement of individual students.

The school’s vision of ‘a quality learning community where relationships count, and excellence is expected’, is highly evident throughout the school. The board, senior leaders and teachers have high expectations for the achievement of all students. Students are actively encouraged and supported to aspire to and achieve their own level of personal excellence.

There is a strong focus on developing effective relationships with and between staff and students. Staff are collegial and work together for the benefit of all students. Teachers are purposefully involved in the plans and targets for school-wide improvement. Students’ ideas and opinions are making an increasingly important contribution to decisions about their learning.

There are effective school-wide systems to promote and strengthen teaching and guide school operations.

Provision for international students

The school is a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (the Code) established under section 238F of the Education Act 1989. At the time of this review there were 20 international students attending the school.

The school has attested that it complies with all aspects of the Code. ERO’s investigations confirmed that the school’s self-review process for international students is very thorough.

International students’ pastoral support, accommodation requirements and learning needs are overseen by a very experienced team of well-qualified staff.

Students’ learning needs are identified in detail. Programmes are designed for each student and learning support is put in place to meet all language and learning needs.

International students participate in a range of school activities beyond the classroom. They are integrated into the wider life of the school.

Provision for students in the school hostel

The school hostel, Enwood House, accommodates 105 students, 9% of the school roll. It is owned by the Southland Girls’ High School Board of Trustees.

Students told ERO that they feel safe and valued. They appreciate the care they receive and enjoy the many opportunities to participate in a wide of range of activities. They spoke very highly of the help and support they receive from the hostel staff and other boarders.

The hostel manager has reviewed and improved management practices. She works with hostel staff to ensure that boarders benefit from their time in the hostel. There are strong links between the school and the hostel to support the boarders’ wellbeing and learning.

The school’s vision for the girls to become independent is highly evident in the hostel. Boarders are well supported in taking increasing responsibility for managing themselves, particularly in Year 13 where the girls live independently in the two houses on the hostel grounds. Year 13 students told ERO they welcome the manager’s level of trust and feel they are well supported for life after school.


How effectively does this school’s curriculum promote and support student learning?

The school’s curriculum promotes and supports students’ learning. The curriculum effectively reflects the school’s strategic aim to be learner focused and relevant to the students.

A strong focus is placed on providing individual learning pathways for students to meet their level of challenge, need and interests. This is supported by flexible timetabling and multi-level teaching. Students’ learning benefits from curriculum breadth, a wide range of opportunities in and beyond the school, and cooperation between departments.

The school has effective processes for ongoing curriculum review and development. Developments are based on best-evidence research, and shared at teacher meetings to ensure they are understood and maintained by teachers. The school leaders and teachers are currently undertaking a process to map key understandings for learning across subjects and to direct future developments.

Teachers continually seek ways to involve students in their learning. They use students’ views to help improve their teaching. School leaders have a very good understanding of the quality of teaching across the school.


The school makes comprehensive use of student achievement information to keep an ongoing focus on improvement and accountability. The school has very good systems and expectations for gathering and using learning information at school-wide, departmental and classroom levels. There are strong and sustainable systems for managing national assessments in Years 11 to 13.

Achievement information shows that National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) pass rates are above national comparisons for similar schools. In Years 9 and 10, school achievement information for 2012 shows that most students are achieving at or above curriculum expectations for reading and writing. In Years 7 and 8, most students are achieving at or above the National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics.

Students use achievement information to set learning goals, reflect on how well they have achieved them and identify their next learning steps.



Student Support

Megan McKenzie  1st choiceOur full time Director  of International Students, Mrs Megan McKenzie, is responsible for the students' progress, their pastoral care and their safety.  She helps and supports all our international girls in their day to day life and is able to help students settle quickly into their new school and new country.  She is genuinely interested in their welfare and academic progress.

 Megan has travelled extensively and enjoys working with our International girls as well as developing strong working relationships with agents, International and host families and the wider international community

Southland Girls' High School is a signatory and has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Minister of Education.  Copies of the Code are available from us or from the NZ Ministry of Education website at www.minedu.govt.nz.

Megan’s contacts are:

Cell phone: 021 767 089


WeChat          meganmckenzie

Line                meganmckenzie

WhatsApp      Megan McKenzie


Resolution of Complaints/Disputes

Resolution of Complaints/Disputes

  1. NZQA - Concern about the quality of education given by the Educational provider are directed to the NZQA. Copies of how to make such a complaint are in a hardcopy in the International Students Room.  Find further information here: http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/assets/Providers-and-partners/Code-of-Practice/int-students-make-a-complaint-updated.pdf


2. Dispute Resolution Scheme – Concerns about any financial matters pertaining to the provision of education between the educational provider and the student/parent are made to Fairway Resolution Ltd through the www.isudent.org.nz / 0800 006675.  This DRS process is the next step after all efforts negotiating with the educational provider have been unsuccessful.  Download the form here: http://www.istudent.org.nz/making-a-complaint/complaint-form

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