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The school offers an integrated and inclusive learning environment for years 7 to 13. There is ‘visual learning every step along the way, inside and outdoors’ with street signs and colour schemes that guide girls around the campus. The SGHS environment is one that reflects the traditions of the school but is innovative in its use of space, colour and design elements. The central piazza was designed to be a meeting, eating and learning place for the whole school, including staff. It features tradition in the engraved paving stones, learning in the shapes and angles for mathematical and visual perceptions, and the influences of significant women in the signage. The design provides spaces for a variety of quality teaching and learning practices, both informal and structured. Learning spaces encourage reflective thought and action; facilitate shared learning; and provide sufficient opportunities to learn. There are self-managed macro and micro groups in shared labs and technology spaces. The gymnasium allows for whole classes, individual goal setting, and self-managed groups. There is a learning community across the unified campus. 37 interactive whiteboards, 35 data projectors and a video-conference centre; plus a Cyber Cafe and corridor PCs offer alternative learning opportunities in the informal learning spaces. With the shared, flexible and linked spaces, teachers can deliver the fully integrated curriculum.

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