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The Stars are Aligning for Sophie – Fair Go TVNZ follow up story…..

Did you catch Fair Go tonight on TV1?

You may remember Sophie Ineson (now a Year 😎 last year entering the TV show Fair Go’s Consumer Heroes and her topic of getting more women into space – a subject Sophie is very passionate about. Sophie was chosen as one of the Consumer Heroes for 2020 and part of this was a story featuring on Fair Go about Sophie’s story.
Fast Forward to now and Kaitlin Ruddock TVNZ from Fair Go did a follow up story with Sophie during our recent lockdown. You can see how far her story has reached and what has happened since last year – it is a very inspiring story!
To check out Sophie’s story tonight – click on the link below.

Well done Sophie! We think the stars are aligning quite nicely for you. ✨ 📡🛰

Kaitlin Ruddock and Sophie Ineson (photo taken in 2020)

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