Student Achievements

Southland Primary Schools’ Athletics Championships

Determination was visible everywhere on Saturday as our qualifying Year 7/8 students competed in the Southland Primary Schools’ Athletics Championships with some amazing results.

A big thank you to Mrs Tiplady for managing the team, Mr Lamont for all his organisation and the rest of our amazing staff members who all helped during the day.


10 year old Girls

McKay, Amelia – 10th 100m, 2nd Long Jump, 1st High Jump

Rangiuaia, Kiana – 2nd Discus Throw

Stewart, Ruby – 1st 100m, 1st 200m, 1st Long Jump, 4th High Jump

11 year old Girls

Clay, Bailey – 2nd High Jump, 8th Long Jump, 1st Discus Throw, 4th Nerf Throw

Duffy, Molly – 13th 100m, 19th 200m, No Height High Jump

Flavell, Renaya – 19th 100m, 11th 200m, 15th Long Jump

Healey, Ocean-Rose – 6th Nerf Throw

Hughes, Taryn – 23rd 200m

McKay, Madelyn – 21st 100m, No Height High Jump

Samu, Sia – 5th Discus Throw

Savage, Aisha-May – No mark Shot Put

Wisely, Alex – 6th 100m, 2nd 200m

4x100m Relay – Alex Wisely, Molly Duffy, Bailey Clay, Madelyn McKay – 5th

 12 year old Girls

Bower, Pippa – 13th Discus Throw, 12th Nerf Throw

Brown, Katy – 8th 200m, No Height High Jump

Coradine, Milla – 16th 100m, 10th Long Jump

Dodd, Scarlet – 2nd 100m, 16th Long Jump

Gallen, Tarnee – 10th Discus Throw, 9th Nerf Throw

Ineson, Sophie – No mark Discus Throw

Lee, Natasha – 15th 200m

Puki, Chylah – 10th Shot Put

Shoemark, Tiana – 14th 100m, 12th Long Jump

Smith, Pyper – 12th Shot Put, 15th Nerf Throw

Tucker, Jorgia –  1st 1500m,  2nd 800m, 8th Shot Put

4x100m Relay – Scarlet Dodd, Katy Brown, Milla Coradine, Renaya Flavell – 6th

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