The Visual Arts at Southland Girls' High School explores a wide variety of visual images, materials, processes and conventions within the fields of drawing, painting, printmaking, design, sculpture and art history.

Within each of these fields, students:

  • Develop visual literacy.
  • Learn how to discern, participate in, and celebrate their own and others visual worlds.
  • Become aesthetically aware.
  • Transform visual, tactile and spacial ideas to solve problems.
  • Communicate personal stories.
  • Comment on social issues.
  • Develop understanding of cultural, historical and contemporary visual art practices.
  • Develop creative thinking and analytical skills.
  • Develop technical skills.
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The curriculum is divided into four areas of study:

  • Understanding the Arts in Context
  • Developing Practical Knowledge
  • Developing Ideas
  • Communicating and Interpreting

The Visual Arts programme involves students from Year 7 to Year 13.

Year 7 and 8 students have a selection of learning packages.
The Year 9 and 10 learning packages "Bring Out the Artist in Me" with its focus on painting and mixed media problem solving, gives students a strong foundation for NCEA Level 1 and "Art Worx" - a focus on printmaking and three dimensional problem solving.

  • Year 11 Level One - there are 4 Achievement Standards totalling 24 credits.
  • Year 12 Visual Art - 3 Achievement Standards totalling 24 credits.
  • Year 11/12 The Third Dimension - a composition of Unit Standards and Achievement Standards - Year 11 for 18 credits and Year 12 for 24 credits.
  • Year 13 students can specialise in painting, sculpture, design, art history, printmaking or photography. Each subject area has 3 Achievement Standards for 24 credits.
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