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  • $120.00 per player
  • Full payment of fees are due on: Friday 7 May 2021
  • Payments received will be allocated to unpaid fees and charges on your child’s account first

Payment Policy – SGHS

Please note School policy requires payment in full for your child to be eligible to play.  If payment has not been received by the due date your child is not eligible to play and will be withdrawn from the team.

Payments received will be allocated to unpaid fees and charges on your child’s account first.

Hockey fees are not considered paid if they have been allocated to any unpaid charges.

Once a player has paid and registered, a commitment for the season has been made. Hockey Southland and SGHS does not issue refunds for players who withdraw during the season.


All players must wear the correct playing uniform.

  • Year 7/8 will play in the regulation PE uniform, plus plain red socks.
  • All Senior teams will play in a SGHS dress which will be issued, plus red socks.
  • Thermals – navy blue only.

Guidelines for Players

  • Players are representing the school and therefore the appropriate school rules apply. Behaviour at the venue must be exemplary at all times.
  • Players can only play in the team they are registered in. While players may be chosen to play in a SGHS team graded above them, this is at the team coach’s discretion.
  • Players must wear the registered playing uniform only. No tracksuit pants or other clothing may be worn.  Gym or turf shoes only are to be worn. 
  • Shinpads and Mouthguards are compulsory to be worn for all players.
  • Players must arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before start time to appropriately warm up with the team.
  • No jewellery is allowed and cannot be taped. Hair must be pulled back off the face.
  • If a player is unable to make practice or a game, she must advise her coach or manager (not another team member) in enough time to allow for possible substitutes for that team. Please ensure your child has her coach’s cell phone number.  If a player does not attend practice without reason she is not guaranteed to play.
  • If a player misses 3 practices or games without notifying the coach or manager, the player will be withdrawn from the team without a refund. Practices and meetings will be posted in the daily notices for students.
  • Please arrange appointments outside practice times.
  • Correct training gear must be worn for practice. School shoes, socks and school uniform are inappropriate to be training in.


All Senior Teams have to provide umpires regularly.  An umpiring roster will be set up at the beginning of the season to ensure that players do their umpiring duty before or after a game.  ‘I do not know the rules’ will not be accepted as a reason not to umpire.  All girls will need a whistle.

Game Times

  • Year 7/8: 25 minutes            
  • Senior Teams: 30 minutes (Tuesday) / 25 minutes (Monday)
  • It is the responsibility of each player and parent/caregiver to check the game times each week.
  • Draws and Cancellations will be available on the IHA Facebook page by 2:00 pm.
  • As hockey is an all-weather sport, cancellation should only be necessary in extreme weather conditions such as snow or flood. Do not assume that hockey is cancelled.

Fair Play

  • It is important that Southland Girls’ High School hockey players and parents / caregivers abide by fair play rules throughout the season. These include:
    • Support the removal of verbal and physical abuse from the game.
    • Play fair at all times and allow team captain, coach or manager to deal with disputes.
    • Be gracious winners and dignified losers.
    • Play hard but fair.
    • Encourage players to play to the rules and respect the umpire decision.
    • Play sport for the enjoyment.

PERMISSION FORM: closes at 9am, Friday 7 May 2021

This permission form has now closed, please contact our Sports Director, Jess Huia on 03 211 6030.

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