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Message from our Head Prefect:

There are many words that can be used to depict the past 3 years we have all lived through. Some of these words represent the challenges and antagonism knitted throughout 2020,2021 and now 2022, however, there are also words that represent the positives and alacrity of these 3 years combined. I think the most appropriate word to represent both sides of the story would be optimism. Regardless of what sort of person you are there is always some form of hope that you hold on, whether this involves something in the short term or long term, there is always something people look forward to or are confident about happening.

There are many things that people are most looking forward to in the future; whether this may be sports tournaments, a school production, being reunited with family or simply being able to roam free without wearing a mask.

All are just as equal and as valuable to one another. Personally, I feel that the past 3 years can be described as a limbo, we’re neither here nor there; neither good nor bad. Working toward normalcy and not sure if there will ever be what we’ve known as normal again. Covid was relentless, and I’m sure many, many people would agree with me that the hits just kept on coming. The good, the bad, the ugly; there was much soul searching and out of it came monumental changes for our school, the community, New Zealand, and ourselves. The years were relentless, and we had to be the same, we could not allow ourselves to succumb. We had to find creative means of succour, and in the way of SGHS, this meant perseverance.

The years have been full of anguish, fear and uncertainty, but if nothing else it’s taught us to remain steadfast in our commitment to helping one another. 2020 and 2021 have taught us to be transformative. It has forced us to look at our own humanity in relation to others on this planet, to accept our responsibility to behave as a moral person, to care about others enough to wear a mask, follow mandates and accept that some things can’t be done and must be sacrificed in exchange for safety. I applaud and commend those of you who have abided.

2022 can be seen as a year much the same as 2020 and 2021, perhaps even worse, however, the 2022 Prefect team plan to make SGHS a more optimistic environment in regards to the direction and circumstances of covid in and outside of the school. The main direction, route, and theme we have decided to undergo this year revolves around the main idea of staying connected, speaking up, normalising topics, and linking ourselves together as a school community through the younger years and gaining a greater appreciation, understanding and level of knowledge by communicating and conversing with the younger student body. We have decided to condense this idea/theme down to three 3 words which we think incorporate our intentions appropriately: Involvement, Encouragement and Empowerment.

The inflation of covid currently gives us even more of a reason to stay linked and associated with the whole school, and we have many ways of intending to do this which are coming up soon, so keep a wary eye out. 2022 is an opportunity for optimism, involvement, encouragement and empowerment, however whatever challenges we face as prefects and the school, we will take it in full stride and accept the test. We as a prefect team, and certainly myself aim to exceed these goals for the school, the community and ourselves.

Renee Wright – Head Prefect 2022

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