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Maddison Booth

Maddison Booth– Head Prefect 2023

Kia ora koutou

Ko Maddison Booth toku ingoa

It is an honour and a privilege to be named as your Head Prefect for 2023!

This year I am lucky enough to be accompanied by seven enthusiastic prefects and an amazing group of Year 13 students. Like myself Year 13’s all hold the same vision as to how we aim to approach our final year at SGHS.

We aspire for this year to be one full of not only personal growth and success but for us as a year level to each adopt an approachable nature so we can connect and immerse ourselves in the school community. After now having spent 5 years in red shoes I have come to the realisation as to how each person is valued and plays a pivotal role in the success of the school. This stems from good support from teachers and whānau, flourishing friendships and the willingness to experience something new. Stepping into this leadership opportunity I aspire to allow myself to dream big in order to establish and achieve my goals and encourage others to do so. I see this year as being one that is driven by a student helping student approach. I believe that together through the act of kindness we can reach out to those around us to accommodate their needs with the driving question, “How can I give back to the wider community?”. When are thoughts are being casted beyond the wants and desires of our own hearts only then can we see change happen.

I will do everything in my power to make sure that this year is one filled with positive change and growth and I am very excited to be beside you every step of the way! I encourage you to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way as we are truly blessed to have numerous options outside and within the curriculum that become a part of who we are. To all students, please come to me with your ideas and don’t be afraid to say hello as it makes my day when you do and whānau if you ever have any queries don’t hesitate to ask.

Ngā Mihi Nui

Maddison Booth

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RISKS Disclosure

This event contains risks, including possible injuries. This event is managed by school staff or other organisations who will manage risk and hazards according to the school’s/organisation’s safety management plan. This includes careful consideration of all procedures while carrrying out the activites. While risks can be maintained to acceptable levels they cannot be totally eliminated. Some risk is retained for its learning and experiential value.

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I understand that playing sport is an opportunity for me to learn, practice skills, and gain attitudes and values in an environment outside of the school.  I realise that this requires me to take on genuine responsibility for my own enjoyment and safety and that of others.

I agree to do the following to make this happen:

  • Show courtesy and consideration to others.
  • Follow the rules and instructions of staff and other supervisors at the events.
  • Look after myself and my personal belongings.
  • Declare medical conditions that could affect participation in the events.
  • Accept the rules set by the school for the events.

I understand that my parents / caregivers will be contacted and I may be sent home at their expense if:

  • My actions are considered unacceptable by staff / supervisors of these events.
  • I breach the behaviour / discipline standards of the school.
  • My actions put me or others in any danger.

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