Cellphone Policy

Cellphones in the Classroom
  1. All Cell Phones are to be switched off and in bags at all times, in all classes, and in all learning situations. There may be exceptions under teacher direction e.g. filming in English to create visual text-note from teacher required if out of room in this instance.
  2. Head phones that are necessary for learning purposes should be connected to chrome books, laptops etc, not cell phones.
  3. Activities unrelated to the learning context e.g. accessing social media and listening to music on any device are not acceptable.
  4. If a student’s cell phone is not turned off and in their bag, then the teacher present will require the student to take the phone to Student Services  where it may be collected at the end of the day by the student.

Cellphone Guidelines can be found on page 8 in the ‘Whanau Hononga Booklet 2021’ by clicking HERE.

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