Cambridge IGCSE Exams 2022

Your child is doing a course in Year 9 / 10 in one or a combination of English, Mathematics, Science or Global Perspectives that enables them to sit a Cambridge International Examination in Term 4 in each of those subjects they are taking.

The examination is at the Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certification Secondary Education) level, and it is set and marked in the United Kingdom by their panel of examiners. Cambridge International is planning to run exams for the November 2022 series.

In mid-January, your child would receive a grade result (either A*, A, B, C, D, E or F) that shows them their achievement in an international examination. The examination is benchmarked against qualifications for students typically aged 14-16 years, delivered in the United Kingdom and other countries across the globe.

It is a great opportunity for your child to challenge themselves and encourage them to set ambitious goals for their future. Though the examination result is not linked to the NCEA qualifications, we know the Cambridge courses offer significant benefits for them: allowing the students to develop a greater level of knowledge and skill acquired earlier in their schooling. This will strongly support NCEA Level 1 and 2 studies next year.

The school will also offer practise examinations for all students. The school regards the official Cambridge examinations as optional and the decision to enter is entirely a family decision.

If you would like to know more about the Cambridge Examinations, you are most welcome to join a special Cambridge assembly for the students which will be held in the Staffroom on Friday, 5 August at 1:40 pm.

  • The entry fee for each subject is $175.00 to cover the exam fees from Cambridge, administration, and postage costs to the United Kingdom.
  • Full Payment is due by Monday 8 August 2022 for your child to be eligible to sit the exams.
    • Please note: School procedures are full payment must be received by the due date for your child to be eligible to enter the exams. If the payment and permission form is not completed by the due date your child will be withdrawn from entry. Once payment has been made and entries entered there will be no refunds.  Payments will be allocated to any unpaid fees and charges on your child’s account first.

To read the Cambridge IGCSE ‘A Guide for Parents’ please click HERE

If you have any questions regarding the Cambridge Exams please contact our Teacher in Charge and Deputy Principal, Mr John Grogan:  [email protected]

PERMISSION FORM – is now closed. Please contact Mr John Grogan.


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