Year 7 and 8 Mathematics Achievement Challenge

As part of our Mathematics programme this year we are pleased to offer the ‘Mathematics Achievement Challenge’ to our students. This involves students completing a range of Mathematical learning tasks which are designed to engage students through real-world, independent, problem-solving and thinking activities.

Each challenge, once signed off by the Mathematics teachers, will be awarded with the according Badge and Certificate. These will be presented at one of our Year 7 and 8 Assemblies.  

Payment: $10.00 per student per badge. School procedures are full payment must be received for your child to be eligible to enter the Challenge. If the payment is not made your child will be withdrawn from the challenge. Once payment has been made and the challenge commenced there will be no refunds.  Payments will be allocated to any unpaid fees and charges on your child’s account first.

For a detailed description of each, students can see their Mathematics Teacher or click on the link below.

Badge Descriptions

If you have any questions please contact Mrs Hannah Krammer


Year 7 & 8 Mathematics Achievement Challenge

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    Any payments received for your child will be allocated to the oldest unpaid amounts sitting on your child's account first. Your child is not able to participate until all these amounts are paid in full.
  • $10 per student, per badge - full payment is due before your child can start her badge topic. If paying by instalments you must have the full amount paid by the due date.
  • If paying online please indicate below the date you will be paying.
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