School Ball 22 September 2022

The School Ball is a valued tradition of the School. Our aim is that senior students will experience a memorable evening of happy, elegant, and most importantly, shared experiences at a Ball that they have planned and prepared for themselves.

Because the Ball is a school event, students are subject to the rules, discipline, and guidelines of the school, as are their partners who may have left school. We appreciate your support in ensuring your child enjoys the evening and has only happy memories of this special night.

For your child to attend The School Ball, please read through the following Guidelines and Important Dates below and complete the permission form – Year 13 students will be given the permission form in person for completion (which will be handed out on Friday 29 July), this is due back to Ms Dodds by Wednesday 17 August 2022.  (there is no online permission form available for the ball.)

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact our staff member in charge, Ms Liz Dodds; [email protected]


  1. The Ball is a school event, open to current Year 13 students of SGHS enrolled at the time of the Ball, with no exceptions. It is a privilege, not a right. It is expected that for students to be eligible for the Ball, they must adhere to all aspects of the Year 13 contract throughout the year. Those who are not on the contract, or whose attendance is irregular, jeopardise their eligibility. Factors taken into consideration when considering eligibility include attendance, uniform, completion of assessments and school fees payment. Eligibility will be judged on an individual basis. Final confirmation of your daughter’s eligibility to attend the 2022 School Ball will be made on Wednesday, 24 August.  Partners must be enrolled as Year 13 students at a New Zealand secondary school on the night of the Ball or be the equivalent Year level or older and studying, or in employment. No communication/discussion will be entered into with parents/whanau regarding the eligibility to attend requirements.  All communication will be with your daughter.
  2. All Ball-related documentation, including permission slips, must be completed by lunchtime on 17th August, so that approval can be obtained from their school Principals. ‘Outside’ partners must complete the form attached and provide details of a referee (not their parents) who would support their good character. Partners will be checked carefully for suitability for a school event.
  3. There is a total ban on the use and/or possession of chewing gum, alcohol, tobacco, vapes, drugs and other illegal or inappropriate substances. Infringements of this guideline will lead to serious disciplinary action.
  4. Any function arranged before or after the Ball is the responsibility of the students and their families and not the School. Southland Girls’ High School accepts no financial responsibility for any before or after events. Please also remember consumption of alcohol before the Ball is not considered acceptable for a school event and entry may be refused.
  5. As there is zero tolerance for alcohol before the event, random breath testing will occur where there are concerns, and the right of entry will be reserved.
  6. As the name suggests, this is a formal event and we know that SGHS girls always rise to the occasion. Pre-Ball arrangements should be planned to allow prompt arrival at the Ball. The Ball finishes at 11:30 pm.  No one will be permitted to leave the venue before 11.30 pm unless a parent or guardian has arrived to pick them up.  Only ticket holders and staff attending will be admitted into the venue.  There is no viewing in the foyer
  7. Please ensure you arrange safe transport to and from the Ball. Cars with guests for the Ball should arrive between 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm.  All cars must deliver their passengers to the entrance of Transport World on the corner of Tay Street and Inglewood Road.
  8. Cars are to stop, passengers are to disembark and then the cars are to move off, in order to avoid clogging the drop-off zone.
  9. SGHS and SBHS reserve the right to remove students from the ball. In case of removal, a parent/caregiver will be contacted to pick them up.


  • 29 July: All SGHS/SBHS Year 13 students must attend the pre-Ball meeting
  • 17 August: All Ball-related documentation to be completed and returned to Ms Dodds.
  • 24 August: Final confirmation of your daughter’s eligibility to attend the 2022 School Ball.
  • 22 September: School Ball Event.

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