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ROSSO – Audition Information

If you are in Year 7 and 8 and love to sing ROSSO may just be the thing you are looking for.


ROSSO is the SGHS Junior Choir. Our main focus for this year is the new ILT Sing Out (still to be re-named), which takes place Term Three, week nine. SGHS will be performing on Tuesday, 21st September. The theme is KIWI Classics. We rehearse on a Thursday from 12.20pm until 12.50pm each week.

ROSSO sings great repertoire and has a lot of fun singing together. We are really proud of our choir. As a team we rely on all members being at rehearsal so please consider the commitment expected of you before auditioning.

Auditions begin THIS week. You will sing the National Anthem in pairs. You may sing either the Maori or English verse. Miss Rae will accompany you. If you can’t come on your designated day, please come on one of the others. Auditions will be held in 1 Elizabeth Clarkson Place.

There is a subscription cost for Membership: $10.00 per student, due before the first rehearsal on Thursday, 3rd June.  This pays towards music, buses to rehearsals / theatre and a ROSSO badge.


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