The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme is an business programme developed for schools to deliver at years 12/13.   Many of the students who chose to join the programme, have their experiences at Year 10 Enterprise Studies to thank for their motivation.

It involves students working through the process of setting up and running a business. This is not a textbook course - students invest real money, produce real products or services and deal with real profit or loss.

The programme allows students to have a go at running a business within a safe environment supported by formal processes the regional co-ordinator, teachers and mentors.

The students

  • Form a Company - raising capital by share issue.
  • Produce a product and/or service - sell this to produce profit.
  • Hold Directors meetings - producing a Mission Statement with key performance indicators, budget analyses, profit and loss sheets, and direct the Company's success.
  • Pay a return to shareholders and pay 'tax'

For students, the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme is a great opportunity to develop individual strengths, learn about enterprise and possibly make money. Like any other team event, Young Enterprise is about working together to achieve common goals.

Students learn and get prepared for the business world by doing and accepting the challenge that the scheme can provide.

Southland Girls' High School teams have enjoyed multiple successes at both Regional and National levels in the past.

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