Science 2The science Department at SGHS offers a comprehensive and stimulating programme for Year 7 to 13 students.

Science includes learning in the four contextual strands:

  • "Living World"
  • "Planet Earth and Beyond"
  • "Physical World"
  • "Material World"

Through the unifying stand "Nature of Science", students learn what science is, and how scientist work.
Students start science at Years 7 and 8 as a ‘science component' of their learning packages.

Learning in general science continues at Year 9 and 10 and lays a strong foundation for NCEA Level 1 Science.

At Year 11 three courses are offered depending on needs and abilities of students. These level 1 courses lead to either general science or specialist subjects.

Specialisation occurs at Year 12 and 13 into physics, Chemistry, Biology as well as General Science which continues at Level 2 and Level 3.

The Science Department also offers a wide range of Extra-curricular activities including:

  • Entries to the annual Science Fair
  • Various science competitions such as ICAS
  • Hands on Science

We have experienced and specialist staff who teach at all levels across the Science programme.

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