The Mathematics Department at Southland Girls' High School offers a wide range of courses catering for the individual needs of all students. All courses at Year 9, 10 and 11 cover Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics, giving the students a wide grounding in all topics. From Year 9 all students opt into a course of mathematics that they deem appropriate for their ability in consultation with parents and teachers. At Year 12, we offer two Level 2 courses and a Level 1 course options for students depending on their career path.  At Year 13, Statistics and Modelling has two courses available and Calculus is also offered.

At the junior level, we also test students on the Numeracy Framework to identify specific needs. The department encourages students to participate in Mathematics competitions, activities and extension work.

Support is offered in a number of ways: student support personnel, numeracy support, homework club where a mathematics teacher is available for an hour after school, as well as tutorials for senior students.

We also offer a range of activities:

  • Maths Homework Club
  • SMAC Maths
  • Maths Fun Day
  • Maths Week Daily Competitions
  • Problem Solving Focus
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