This light-hearted tribute to thousands of southern women was written to mark the 125th Jubilee of Southland Girls' High School, 1879-2004.

She pedalled in a wild west wind,
school-stockinged and in felt hat brimmed.
Her name was Lynley, Barb or Shirl,
the genuine Invercar-girl.

Her name was Marge, Kathleen or Madge.
On her hat the old school badge.
Her name was Sheena, Joyce or Merle,
the genuine Invercar-girl.

The Invercar-girl's talents lay
in avoiding the eye of famed Miss May
when indulging in such windy joys
as corner trysts with High School boys.

Invercarg-girl was never rough,
(unless she travelled up from Bluff)
and if she did, just for a lark,
she'd scale the fence to Rugby Park.
She wore her red gloves everywhere.
She darned her navy underwear.

She was a Brownie, then a Guide
but Invercar-girl, deep inside,
longed for a local lad romance
in the R.S.A. at the weekend Dance.
She became a nurse or else she taught.
She knitted, baked... and for her sport
basketball was the winter thing;
(her grand-daughter now plays for Sting.)

She travels far; always returns.
In the deepest South allegiance burns
Within the oyster, she's the pearl,
the genuine Invercar-girl.


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