Drama is the expression of ideas, feelings and human experience through movement, sound, visual image and the realisation of the role. The use of dramatic elements combines with contrasts between movement and stillness, sound and silence, and darkness and light to communicate meaning in Drama.

Drama is intended for audiences in a wide range of settings. Communication in Drama involves performers and audiences in interpreting meanings and developing skills of critical judgement.

Drama permeates our everyday lives and serves a variety of purposes. It enables us to understand ourselves, the people around us and the world in which we live. It helps identify and build cultural identity.

Years 9 and 10 In The Spotlight

In this 1st semester course students will learn the drama techniques and drama elements through Improvisation Performance.

They will examine a New Zealand Playwright through the use of one of their plays and devise and perform a Monologue based on a character from the play studied, using drama conventions.

Discovering The Actor In Me

Students will:

  • Explore drama techniques through the performance of an infomercial.
  • Study characterisation through the performance of Duologues
  • Explore plays in context focusing on the drama elements.
  • Develop drama through Process Drama, working on a well-known fable
  • Students write their own script and construct their own performance
  • Play upon a Nursery Rhyme - using Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes create a performance for an audience
  • Written reflection to underpin all work in Drama is done in journal form.

 This study links with the requirements of NCEA Level 1.

All The World's A Stage

This course follows "In the Spotlight". Students will be expected to perform independently as well as in a group and class situations

  • Explore Dramatic Conventions and Techniques such as space, body, gesture and freeze frame through Epic and Narrative Poetry.
  • Perform Improvisations as part of a group in everyday situations
  • Perform Duologues from a script and creating a character focusing on dramatic tension, mood and expression.
  • Research a Drama period and re-enact an event using costume and props.
  • The semester will end with all the students participating in a class production and performing to an invited audience. All work will be supported by a written component

Senior Performance Drama 101

This is a full year course that covers a wide range of aspects of modern drama practice.  Topics include devising drama, dramatic elements and conventions, understanding theatre forms, and acting and production roles, all supported by depth of reflection and evaluation.

Performance Drama 201

This is a full year course that covers a wide range of aspects of modern drama practice.  Topics include improvising drama, dramatic elements and conventions, understanding theatre forms, substantial acting and production roles and dramatic analysis, all supported by deepened reflection and evaluation.

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