Dance is expressive movement that has intent, purpose, and form.  Students integrate thinking, moving, and feeling.  They explore and use dance elements, vocabularies, processes, and technologies to express personal, group, and cultural identities, to convey and interpret artistic ideas, and to strengthen social interaction.  Students develop literacy in dance as they learn about, and develop skills in performing, choreographing, and responding to a variety of genres from a range of historical and contemporary contexts.

Years 9 and 10 Joy Of Dance

This is a one semester course that gives students the opportunity to experience the excitement of Dance by studying a number of different genres.This course is designed for students who enjoy dancing and may not necessarily have any prior experience in Dance.

Students will develop their Dance knowledge by performing, choreographing and analysing different styles of dance, which may include contemporary, jazz, tap, classical ballet, cultural dance and social dance.

Dancing Centre Stage

This course is designed for students who are serious about their dancing, and have either excelled in Joy Of Dance or studied Dance outside of school.

This course will enhance and extend students' knowledge of technique, performance and choreography.  It is also designed to be a pre-requisite for NCEA Dance.  Students will learn the vocabulary associated with dance movements and basic choreographic structures and techniques.

Senior Dance 101

The aim of this course is to become accomplished in Dance Choreography, Dance Performance and Dance Perspectives.  Students will be expected to participate fully in the large practical component of this course.  Dance styles studied will include Contemporary, Jazz, Te Reo Kori, Tap and Modern Ballet.

Dance 201

This course continues to build upon knowledge and skills covered in Level 1.  Students will be expected to participate fully in the large practical performance based component of this course.

Dance 301

Students will continue to develop choreographic skills for large performances.  Students' own performances are also a large part of this course.

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