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LAINA NIHA — SECRETARY — 87 BURROWS STREET, BLUFF 9814 — Telephone (03) 212 8962

Applications are invited from tertiary and secondary school students Year 9 onwards for the Hokonui Endowment Fund. The Hokonui Endowment Fund is an education fund for applicants who can trace their whakapapa to the original Maori Owners of Rakiura/Steward Island. Applicants must be a Southland resident. For more information contact either:

Christian Fife – (027 225 0086

Laina Niha – (03) 212 8962

Ricky Topi – (03) 212 8556

Louise Fowler – (03) 212 8577

Karen Johnson – (03) 212 7384

A copy of the Application Form for the 2019 academic year is available from Student Services. All applications received must use this form and need to have all relevant sections completed, including verified bank account details, whakapapa and essay. A hardcopy of the completed application form needs to be received for processing by Monday, 30 September 2019.

For further information, a Facebook page has been set up via the following link:


Meet the PTA

We are an enthusiastic and active group of parents who raise additional funds for the school.

The PTA Unishop is open for parents and whanau to purchase items of uniform on:

The last Friday of each month from 3.00 - 4.00pm

One of our main ways of helping the school is providing funding for extra resources for the different departments within the school.  This year we have provided almost $20,000 which has gone towards:

– Books for year 7s and 8s, Cameras for the English Department, Sports jackets for use by teams, coaches and managers

– Games, cameras and DVDs for the Language Department,  Projector for  the Technology Department, Follow Spot lights for the Performing Arts,  Games for use in the Library at lunchtime

We raise the funds through donations to the PTA which is on the School Accounts, managing the Unishop and fundraising, which we try to keep to one or two a year.

We would welcome new parents on to the PTA, bringing fresh ideas or helping out. We meet approximately twice a term on a Monday evening at 7pm.  If you would like to join our committee or find out some more about us please contact: Margaret Flannery 021 239 5021

School Transport Assistance Application Form

To be eligible for School Transport Assistance a student attending their closest state or state-integrated school must meet all of the following criteria:

  • the student’s home must be more than:
    • 3.2km from their closest school that they can enrol in if they are in years 1 – 8
    • 4.8km from their closest school that they can enrol in if they are in year 9 or over
  • Suitable public transport is not available anywhere between the student’s home and their nearest appropriate school

This application form is for one student only. All other students must have their own individual form.

Click here to download the Form.


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