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1. Why did you go to NZ? I went to New Zealand because my family realized that New Zealand was the best place for me. New Zealand has world class quality educational system as well as it is natural country with fresh air, beautiful scenery and peaceful. 2. Why do you like S.G.H.S? I like to study at S.G.H.S because it is a girls school like my school in Thailand. Therefore it was easy for me to adapt myself to new circumstances. Everyone were helpful and friendly. In addition, I personally like the uniform, especially the red shoes. They are cool! 3. What activities were you involved in? The activities were you involved in is Badminton. I played badminton for school team and also Southland Team. I really enjoyed and happy to do it. 4. Tell us something about your Kiwi friends? I had many Kiwi friends. They were so nice and friendly to me. They usually taught me new vocabulary, that I had never known before. I tried hard to speak like Kiwi friends, especially R word! It’s hard for me. 5. Write about the hostel and also about your homestay was like? I stayed at the hostel in the first year. I liked to stay there because I made lots of friends. Everyone was friendly. When I had homework, I could ask my friend to help me or we did homework together. The food was so good. Then I moved to homestay. I stayed with them for 6 months. I really happy to live with them. They were so nice and kind to me. I had a lovely bedroom. It had 3 sweet colours. I walked to school with my host sister everyday. They are my Kiwi family. 6. What things you did in weekend? I stayed at the hostel. I liked to go to town with my friends in weekend. And I also liked to go to the Museum and Queens Park. When I moved to homestay, they had lots of activities in weekend. For example, we went to Go Cart, visited Nanna’s house, took Molly (dog) for a walk, etc.
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