FEMME Contract 2023

Congratulations on becoming a member of FEMME for 2023. FEMME has an excellent reputation based on its work ethic, the level of excellence it consistently strives for, and the commitment members show to the group and each other. Our aim is to always do justice to the music and to consistently present a high-quality product that reflects who we are as a group and our love of performing.

There is a cost to be part of the SGHS FEMME choir of $60.00 per student – Full payment due by Friday 24 March 2023.

  • Please note: Board financial procedure requires payment in full, by the due date for your child to purchase resources, participate in sports or attend trips/events. Payments received will be allocated to the oldest unpaid fees and charges owing on your child’s account first. Extra-curricular activities operate on a “pay before you play” policy.

Please read the following carefully and complete the permission form below:

Please Note: No Mobile phones are permitted in the rehearsal space unless for recording purposes.

If you have any questions please contact our Teachers below:

Miss Rae, 03 211 6030 extn 288
[email protected]

Mr de Blois, 03 211 6030 extn 836
[email protected]

  • Student Information:

    Please complete the following information for your child.
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • I give permission for this information to be shared with the teacher in charge as required.
  • Student Contract 2023
    Please read the following carefully.
    1. I accept that being a member of FEMME is a full year commitment and giving it my full dedication is expected.
    2. I will attend weekly Sectionals and take vocal lessons as part of the Itinerant Music Programme, if not learning privately.
    3. I agree to act in a responsible, respectful manner when I am in FEMME and while I am attending any performances associated with it.
    4. I agree to fully comply with any requests / instructions from members of the Choir’s Faculty.
    5. I agree to learn the material asked of me to always ensure I give my best to the group product.
    6. If I cannot attend a rehearsal, I will put an apology in to Miss Rae or Mr de Blois prior to the practice. Failure to do so three times will lead to dismissal from the group.
    7. I will be available for the Big Sing Regional on Tuesday, 13th June, and the National Finale in Auckland from 25th to 27th August 2023 (Depart 24th August and return 28th August).
    8. I am prepared to participate in fundraising ventures.
    9. I will always present myself well and be proud that I am a member of FEMME and S.G.H.S.
    In return we will commit to:
    1. Offering you the tools to increase your potential as a singer and performer with tuition by a specialised vocal coach on a weekly basis.
    2. Organising performance opportunities for you to share your expertise with others, both at school and in the wider community.
    3. Bringing in outside coaches where appropriate to increase vocal skills and showmanship skills.
  • Payment

    Any payments received for your child will be allocated to the oldest unpaid amounts sitting on your child's account first. Your child is not able to participate until all these amounts are paid in full.
  • $60.00 per student - full payment is due by Friday 24 March 2023. If paying by instalments you must have the full amount paid by the due date.
  • If paying online please indicate below the date you will be paying.
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Parent/Caregiver Information:

  • Please enter a valid email address to receive a emailed version of this form once completed.
  • Parent/Caregiver Consent

    Please tick the boxes below to complete the Parent/Caregiver Consent.
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Book a School Tour

Come and see all that Southland Girls’ High School offers students with a school tour that allows you to see our facilities in action, while meeting the staff and the students.

Student tour guides will answer questions and offer a student’s perspective, before meeting with a senior member of staff to discuss your child’s enrolment.

To book in for a tour of the school, please email Deb Hay, [email protected] or telephone 03 211 6030.

Book a Tour of Enwood House

Come and see all that Southland Girls’ High School offers boarders with a tour of Enwood House that allows you to see our facilities in action, while meeting the staff and the students.

To book in for a tour of the boarding house, please email Jenni Dennis, [email protected] or telephone 03 211 6030.

RISKS Disclosure

This event contains risks, including sporting injuries. This event is managed by school staff or the sport organisations who will manage risk and hazards according to the school’s/sports organisations safety management plan. While risks can be maintained to acceptable levels they cannot be totally eliminated. Some risk is retained for its learning and experiential value.

If you wish to come in to school to see our safety management systems or have any questions, feel free to our Sports Office 03 211 6030 or email [email protected]


I understand that playing sport is an opportunity for me to learn, practice skills, and gain attitudes and values in an environment outside of the school.  I realise that this requires me to take on genuine responsibility for my own enjoyment and safety and that of others.

I agree to do the following to make this happen:

  • Show courtesy and consideration to others.
  • Follow the rules and instructions of staff and other supervisors at the events.
  • Look after myself and my personal belongings.
  • Declare medical conditions that could affect participation in the events.
  • Accept the rules set by the school for the events.

I understand that my parents / caregivers will be contacted and I may be sent home at their expense if:

  • My actions are considered unacceptable by staff / supervisors of these events.
  • I breach the behaviour / discipline standards of the school.
  • My actions put me or others in any danger.
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