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Classroom Life With the advantage of modern specialist facilities and teaching methods, girls are provided with a well-rounded education to prepare them for successful futures. The key is balance; a balance between individual and community achievements; strong traditional values and progressive education; hard work and fun; support and challenge. Class Size Subject class student numbers at Southland Girls’ are no more than 30 at junior levels, and usually no more than 25-28 in senior class. Many specialised courses at senior level have small class numbers which gives exceptional learning opportunities for students. Consistently over 90% of our graduating class continue to university and tertiary education. Our powerful computer network and Intranet are designed to give access to curriculum resources for girls at school or for homework assignments. The Intranet and Internet, along with Interactive Whiteboard, are invaluable information and communications resources for students. All students have access to the internet and Intranet via our corridor computers. We believe we are the only school in New Zealand that offers this facility. As well we provide four well-resourced computer rooms where girls can experience and experiment with both Emac and PC platforms.

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